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Meet Laura from Get Milky Baby Boutique

Posted on January 15 2015

Get Milky Baby Boutique
I have attached of my beautiful niece in Get Milky's skull romper, as my own children are bigger now and not as easy to pin down for photos!
“A beautifully soft and breathable skull print baby sleepsuit with pink ribbing. Cute and quirky this sleepsuit is as punky as it is girly. Also available with blue or orange ribbing.”
Inspiration for Get Milky Baby Boutique
Inspiration behind my business was, as it always is, down to my own two little bundles of fun! Their personalities were lively from day one and I wanted to create a range of baby clothing that reflected their quirks and mischievousness. I have always been alternative with own dress sense, clashing prints and experimenting with colours so I decided to embrace all things bright and cheerful and combine them to create a baby clothing range that was unique, personal and accessible.
Not pink or blue!
When my children were younger I used to get frustrated with the obvious line drawn between boys designs and girls designs. Why can’t girls wear clothing with dinosaurs on? Of course they can! So I generally try to keep away from branding certain designs as boy or girl orientated so the majority of my line is unisex.
Pencil drawn prints
Each of my prints have been pencil drawn by myself (several hundred times over!) and then digitally illustrated until I have created my own unique design that I can then send to my printer ready for manufacturing. You can rest assured that when buying from us you will be receiving a quirky and creative item that is as individual and unique as the mini me you are buying for!
Thanks for reading, Laura.

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