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Emma is ❤'ing life & LIVING her Dream

Posted on April 03 2017

 Name: Emma Kitchen

 Business name:  Ribbon of Hearts


Ribbon of Hearts loves to take your favourite photo memories to create a wonderful keepsake...

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 Inspiration for Emma's business -->  Ribbon of Hearts came from little thoughts that were written down and kept, together with flashes of inspiration and it was all brought to fruition.

Working from home was a dream, to do something I enjoyed and to love what I do. My family was my main focus and to be able to spend more time with them especially on a weekend, this was a real pull.

I spent many years in finance, banking industry and knew I needed to make changes I have a friend who inspired me more than anything in the world to do this, she is someone who showed determination, courage and strength to live each day and to be positive in life. Ribbon of Hearts was born. Make everyday count & make it special

Thanks for reading

Emma xx

Ribbon of Hearts


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