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I'm Pregnant! What now...

Posted on April 03 2017

So your pregnant!!
Congratulations - you are now a little persons incubator for the next 8-9 months!!

By Blogger Rachel Goodman

I'm sure there are a billion things going through your head right now and your not quite sure where to start - fear not, I'm here to help you as your start this amazing adventure!!

A pregnancy consist of 3 trimesters. The first trimester runs from weeks 1 to 12, the second trimester is weeks 13 through to 27 and the third trimester is from week 28 until your little one arrives into the world!

In the beginning it's extremely common to feel very tired, (after all growing a little one is damn hard work), while your body adjusts to all the changes that are taking place! You may be one of the lucky ones that doesn't experience any sickness/nausea, but unfortunately these are both extremely common in the first trimester!

You may find your mood changes quicker than you used to be able to down a shot of tequila (you can say adios to that for a while 😉), don't fret this is all completely normal! You may also feel some twinges and stretchy pains in the lower area of your tummy, again don't panic this too is normal and is referred to as round ligament pain! If you are in pain that is making you very uncomfortable, best to give your medical practitioner a call to be on the safe side!

As you begin the wondrous journey of pregnancy my advice to you would be to ensure you have started a pre-natal vitamin (I used Pregnacare Plus throughout both my pregnancies and would highly recommend it 👍), stock up on all the good foods you can (check out my next blog post were I will be going into detail of what/what not to eat), get the much needed rest your body is making you need and chillax to the max!! Your a superwoman at the moment that is growing a little human which is absolutely ace 😃

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