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What to expect from Trimester 1

Posted on April 06 2017

By Blogger Rachel Goodman.

Trimester 1 runs from week 1 until week 12! Week one is usually the date that you had your last menstrual cycle and goes on from there! So normally when you find out your already 4 weeks pregnant.

The main things I found that occurred during the first trimester were tiredness, nausea and/or sickness, stretchy pains (technical term is round ligament pain), and sore boobies! I also suffered from headaches with my first which is also quite normal!

The first thing I noticed (especially with the twins as it resulted in me being extra tired) was the exhaustion you feel in those first few months! I was absolutely knackered, I mean 7 pm bedtime for me!! It's does lift a little after the first trimester (only to return with a vengeance during the third) so my advice would be to embrace it - if you want to have a little nap and it's possible then go for it - growing a human is hard work so you deserve to put your feet to 😉


A lot of women succumb to the dreaded morning sickness during the first few months! With my first I was lucky to get away with a bit of nausea (highly recommend ginger to help settle your tummy if this is the case) but the twins ensured me and the toilet bowl were gonna be friends! Again this isn't the most pleasant part of pregnancy, but for most women it's does indeed subside after leaving the first trimester! If your really having bother with it best to speak to your healthcare provider!


It's important after finding out your expecting that you follow all the guidelines regarding food to ensure you help nurture the little peanut growing in your belly!
Some of the foods that you need to avoid while pregnant include:

• raw/under cooked meat
• raw/under cooked eggs
• unpasteurised milk/dairy
• certain cheeses (mound-ripened soft cheeses & soft blue-veined cheeses)
• certain fish & patê
• alcohol/caffeine intake
• thoroughly wash all fruit/veg

If your unsure about anything your eating make sure to check if it's ok or not!


It is also during this trimester that you will usually have your first scan otherwise known as you dating scan which will give you that first magical look at your little peanut!! This normally takes place between 10 & 12 weeks - they will hopefully be able to determine when baby is due and be able to get a good look at how he/she is doing! Remember by 12 weeks the bones/muscles/organs have all been formed so there is a lot to see even at this point!

So there you have it - the first trimester in a nutshell!! If you ever have any worries/questions be sure to get in touch with your healthcare provider or midwife!!

Good luck 👍

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