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I am primarily an artist, painting mainly with acrylic on canvas. I\'ve diversified in recent years in order to sell more \"affordable\" art related items, and have attended lots of craft fairs and markets in order to do this. I\'ve also sold my gifts and mini paintings on easels at several local shops over the past few years. Not only do I make a lot of personalised items, but I also like to name each item that I create, so they all have their own identity, too!


I hand paint exquisite, unique designs onto notebooks, wooden jewellery boxes, tooth fairy boxes, money boxes, keepsake boxes, mini canvas paintings and hanging wooden decorations of many different shapes and sizes. Colour is a strong theme in all my work, as is the painting of dots to create added texture and patterns. I also design my own range of colouring-in cards, which can be used for any occasion, in a modern \"zentangle\" style - although I\'ve been creating these since before the word \"zentangle\" was used! All of my pieces can be personalised either with names/dates or by the design itself.

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