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I originally created belle of the isle as I started to crochet the preemie octos for hospitals and I needed a way to fund them so for every octo I sold, I made and donated one to a neonatal Ward. Preemie octos have so many health benefits that extend to babies and toddlers aswell as premature babies. I also created donation boxes for those that didn’t want to buy an octopus but still wanted to help. It contains 5 hats 5 octo and 5 bonding squares the buyer would receive a certificate of recognition the proof of postage to which hospital it had been sent (as local to them as possible) and a picture of the donation pack. I thought it would be an amazing feeling for the buyer to be walking down the local high street and them see a baby with an octopus in the buggy that they donated it and helped that baby grow stronger.

I then decided to expand my products and business, so I started to create new things like the peter inspired aster/Dusky and rose cardigans and also the princess dress blankets! I have so many new ideas I would like to create I’m super excited to actually make them! There will be something for everyone.

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