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I have a lifecasting and keepsake studio in Northumberland, from which I create hand and footprint jewellery and gifts (everything from pendants, keyrings, cufflinks, charm beads, to mugs, framed prints, cushion covers etc), fingerprint jewellery, bump castings, hand and foot castings etc. The jewellery and gifts can easily be sold online as I provide an inkless wipe kit for the customer to take the prints and send a photo to me to create the products. I also create jewellery and gifts using children’s drawings and writing. For these I just need a simple line-drawing from the customer. For the fingerprint jewellery, I send a special 2 part moulding putty to the customer to take a fingerprint in then post back to me in a self-addressed envelope.

I also sell ‘Heartbeat Bears’. These are teddies which have a recording module inside. The customer records the baby’s heartbeat at their antinatal appointment on their phone and then plays it back to the sound module to record it. They then pop it in the bear and seal the back up. When you press the tummy you hear the baby’s heartbeat.

I also add ‘build-a-bear’ style kits which include everything to re-create the build-a-bear experience at home.

 I create all of the jewellery and keepsakes for pets as well. Pawprints can be taken, or just a photo of a paw sent to make these keepsakes.

Over the coming months I will be adding cremation jewellery, breastmilk jewellery and first curl jewellery to the range.

I will also be creating a bump casting kit which with simple, detailed instructions so that mums to be can capture the size and shape of their pregnant belly. I will be offering an upgrade option where they can then send them to me to be made into ‘Belly Bowls’ (I have photos of these on my Facebook page).

My products are not the cheapest, but they are the best quality. My customer base is those who appreciate quality and prefer to pay more for a better product, which I think will work well with your site.

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