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Chatterbox Planet

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Chatterbox Planet

Location: UK & Ireland
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The creation of these Story magnets developed because of my love of story-telling and my passion for teaching. I created a product that will promote and facilitate creative ways in which they can express themselves and explore their own
imaginations. The best part is that it is collaborative, you will enjoy these magnets as much as they do!!!

As a teacher for mainstream as well as the SEN environment I know that these magnets could be an invaluable tool to allow you to reconnect with your children, and it also allows your child to express themselves in a fun but comfortable way boosting their self-esteem and communication confidence.

Children love listening to stories, but often struggle to create their own. You can help them gain that expressive confidence by using these magnets. 

My story magnets have ignited many children\'s imaginations and helped them express, feel and share their stories confidently