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I am a full time working Police officer mum of two children , ( three including my partners). I started this business just over 12 mths ago.

The idea came from having the problem with my youngest son blake who would constantly remove his arms from his straps and successfully climb out. This was very dangerous and stressful. I bought a product that was not successful. It was then when I decided to create my own. I made a few samples and put them on ebay and the business developed from there.

The business is ran from home, me and partner work hard to maintain all aspects of the business. I also recently have had to have some assistant in the making of the product. This is all done in-house.

A Childs Anti-escape chest clip. Flexible , adjustable and lockable.

Whether it’s the buggy , pushchair ,high chair when it’s time to feed, or out in a seat whilst riding around, releasing their arms is a new game they’ve found, a one fits all.

An adjustable strap with a locking buckle, to stop them escaping.

‘Escape-me-not’ is a simple but effective design, to keep your child safe.

Prevents young children from freeing their arms while sitting in a seat with straps/harness, strollers/buggies or high chairs.

Peace of mind – less chance of them escaping

Universal ,Will fit most straps. Anti-slip clips.

Can be used effectively with toddler rucksacks, walking reins, bike/trike seats

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