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I custom make unique dreamcatchers. These can be made in any colour combination required to suit your needs or match your decor. Each one is handmade from scratch using high quality materials and will be as unique as you are. Many extras can be added to the larger 10” dreamcatchers. These include LED lights, flowers, hanging hearts and many wooden embellishments.

The LED lights make a stunning addition and do not get hot so can be used for short periods of time as nightlights.
Flowers can either be hand rolled roses made from felt or wooden ones.
Hanging hearts can be personality with a name or quote of your choice.
Wooden embellishments include unicorn crown, sleepy unicorn, highland cow and bunny rabbit. If you require something different get in touch though and I will see what I can do. Each wooden piece is hand painted and finished with iridescent glitter for added sparkle.

I offer a range of sizes from 4” up to 10” to ensure that I can meet everyones budget and needs.

Dreamcatchers make a stunning talking point in any room, a perfect present or a unique baby gift. They are also helpful to aid children who may have sleep issues and each one comes with a brief description of the history of the dreamcatcher.

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