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Inspired by Thea was created not long after my daughter was born, I decided one day that I didn't want to spend anymore money on hair bows and headbands, that were really badly made and cost a fortune, so i decided I would buy the materials myself and make them, I loved them! Quite a lot of other people did as well, so I decided to start selling my little creations, it wasn't long after that, that Thea started teething and like every other parent we were armed with a huge collection of bibs, regardless though, it didn't stop us from having to change not only her bibs but her outfits at least 6 times a day. My poor washing machine, took a battering. Again I thought I could do better so I got my materials and got to work, and honestly they were amazing, no more full outfit changes due to dribbles! I loved making her bibs and friends started taking notice and spread the word, soon I was inundated with requests, It was at this point that my love for sewing started, I wanted Thea to start a trend and stand out from the crowd, too many people were talking about high street shops, and their kids all wearing the same outfits. I wanted no part in it..

I love vintage designs and found it really hard to get good quality vintage, unique clothes that didn't have a huge price tag. After doing my research I decided there was a gap in the market for adorable little outfits that stood out from the crowd but with an affordable price tag. I love sitting in my sewing room and designing new vintage with a twist of modern day outfits for your little princesses! I love how adorable the end result is and you can rest assured that not every child is gonna look as fabulous as yours does wearing my bespoke creations!

When I'm not creating outfits for your little angels, I\'m generally in the background helping amazing pattern designers perfect their patterns, so eventually, seamstresses like myself can create unique garments for your pleasure.  As well as helping test new patterns, I\'m also a sewing portfolio ambassador and have done a few projects with Michael Miller Fabrics which is a huge fabric house based out of New York, these guys all trust my abilities to create unique outfits for their brands, and Im so proud to be in the situation that I am in. Hopefully you will love my designs as much as i do.


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