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Keeping it Personal officially launched early 2017. My business is run from my home based just outside the City of Bath. I have spent many years dreaming of starting my own business and it was whilst I was undertaking an Interior Design Course that I found the inspiration for what I wanted it to be. I adore home accessories and design. I always seek to buy handmade and take real pleasure from gifting and the  suddenly the choice just became obvious.

Personalised Gifts for all occasions. Initially focussing on picture gifts with each design being personal and bespoke for each customer and then as my range of designs grew adapting them to suit each individuals taste. I encourage my customers to have input in the design process and really think about what the recipients will like. I find this gives them a added investment in their purchase and I love seeing their excitement build whilst they anticipate the finished result. I like to think of my works as keepsakes, that people will want to treasure for a life time. 'A special gift' for someone special from some special. I enjoy using simple but good quality materials to bring my designs to life and then letting the composition of the two speak for itself.  Paper napkins, buttons, artificial flowers and cotton canvas fabrics are all common choices for me. I love animal silhouettes, vintage prints and adding 3d elements to my pictures. My daughter is a great inspiration too me, she will spend hours sticky tapping the most obscure things together to create something she thinks is beautiful,  she will then show me it bursting with pride and because of that I love it too.

For the future I hope to expand on my range of personalised gifts. I am currently experimenting with metal pressing and I am feeling excited about my progress with personalised cake tins Baked by...... range. Personalised flower vinyl print vases are also nearly ready to launch.

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