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My Name is Orla Spollen and I am a mother to Maisie. I started my business NutJob Design as I wanted to stay at home with my daughter but I also wanted to continue to work as a Product designer. I have always dreamed of working for myself and when I completed a postgraduate diploma in Business and Management from Queens University last year, my dream began to become a reality. I have worked in various disciplines of design and development, as well as design education and I finally felt ready to take the step into self-employment.

My Daughter Maisie is the inspiration behind my children’s product Range. I wanted to create a range of products that served a purpose and offer a practical solution in the home. All of NutJob Design’s products are designed, manufactured and professionally finished in a range colours by me in my Studio in Co.Sligo Ireland. They are all original designs and can be personalised with your kids names, offering you a beautiful and unique gift that you won’t find else where.

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