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Rock & Charms is situated in the Welsh hills, dedicated to creating something both unique and handcrafted.

Perfect for immortalising words, dates or names in beautiful gifts for any occasion; I work with metal, wood and textiles to create stunning keepsakes and gifts- everything is completed by myself, every letter struck by hand, every design burnt by hand and not a computer

Aluminium and copper jewellery with words and designs stamped by hand

Key-rings and other metal accessories fully personalised by hand

Burnt wooden items- key-rings, accessories, decorations

Vinyl items- designed and applied by hand, textiles- clothing and bags, decorations

Etched personalised drinking glasses

You can rest assured that no two pieces will be identical as all are created by hand and eye, not machines; and shop happy in the knowledge that you\'re supporting not only a small business and small family, but individuality and creativity.

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