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Sparkle Drops

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Sparkle Drops

Sparkle Drops are deliciously fruity, beautifully shimmery drops for drinks. They are great in Prosecco, Gin, Vodka, Cocktails and soft drinks. They are highly concentrated so fit in lovely 10ml pipette bottles meaning they are easy to drop in, and each bottle is enough for 6-8 125ml glasses, or a whole bottle of Prosecco!

Core range:

Classic Shimmer Gift set:

Cherry, Pineapple and Blackcurrant Sparkle Drops in a beautiful gift box.

Deluxe Shimmer Gift Set

Strawberry, Peach and Blue Raspberry Sparkle Drops PLUS Edible Gold Heart Drinks Confetti

We combine lovely gift packages with our range of beautifully packaged Sparkle Drops, so whether you are looking for an unusual thoughtful gift, or want to treat yourself, you need look no further!

We ship fast and pride ourselves on being available to deal with any enquiries, so if you have a special request then we will do our best to help! 

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