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I make and sell bath bombs of all different shapes and sizes and for all ages. I work from home and have my own room where I work my magic, which I feel very lucky to have. I\'m always adding new products because I can’t stop making them haha. I now need people to buy because I\'m running out of space to store them. I used to sell other company’s products until I recently had my own products cosmetically assessed. For all the products I can’t make myself I source from small local businesses and sell those, such as soap products. This is until I get my own cosmetically assessed. At the moment I\'m working on creating a bath bomb kit so that people have the opportunity to create their own.


My products have all been cosmetically assessed and comply with all EU regulations. The ingredients used have not been tested on animals, this I\'m passionate about. All safety data sheets are kept to refer to if needed which is a legal requirement.


All my bath bombs are made with organic cocoa butter which is really good for the skin. Not only are they fizzy but foamy too. They will never stain you or the bath tub.

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