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Q. Do I have to pay an annual membership or listing fee?
A. No, we have a one-off joining fee to sell with us, and there are no charges to list products or annual membership fees.  We provide all the marketing for free. If you have been offered a payment plan, you can pay the joining fee monthly for an agreed number of months.  You can also cancel at anytime * Once your payment plan ends, there are no further fees and your membership lasts a lifetime. *Terms and Conditions apply.

Q. Do I need professional images of my products in order to be accepted?
A. No. Please bear in mind, however, that we find clear, well lit photography will help maximise sales for our Partners. In our experience, lifestyle images work best.

Q. What are the website stats and conversions rates like?
A. Our conversion rate is a whopping 4.7%. On average, we get 75,000 unique monthly customers to our online marketplace (

Q. What happens after I apply?
A. One of our team will get back to you within 1 - 2 working days. If you are successful and we feel that you have a product that will sell well and we feel your products are a good match, we will send you the link to get started. We may also contact you prior to this if we have any questions.

Q. What happens after I sign up?
A. You will receive a Welcome email that includes your Welcome pack with the next steps to take. After which, you send us your your business information.  The Early Years Boutique will email you your new login details, to start setting up your store. 

Q. Will my product sell and will I make a return on my investment?
A. We only accept new products that we feel will sell well in our marketplace. If your application is successful, we fully expect you to receive a huge amount of orders via our platform.

Q. Would I get to pick which products go on the site?
A. Yes, it's a partnership, therefore we will work together and both decide.
Q. Is there a limit to the products I can list?
A. No

Q. How does the order process work?
A. We take the order via our website and send you the order details. You ship the order and get paid.

Q. When do I get paid?
A. You must submit your invoice as early as possible to get paid faster.  Invoices are paid up to 10 working days from the start of each calendar month.  You must include all shipped orders from the previous month.

Q. What sort of turn around time would be expected for personalised products?
A. This will be up to each seller to decide. ideally the quicker the better, however at busier times, we understand that some sellers may need between 2 - 3 weeks. Some products, such as keepsakes made from baby's old clothing can take up to 12 weeks.

Q.Would there be a stock level on the listing?
A. This is up to you. You choose whether or not to set stock levels.

Q. If I get too busy, can close my order books?
A.Yes. If you cannot manage orders and you need a break, this is possible.

Q. How do I add my products?
A. You can add new products anytime you like, via your seller's area 

Q. What payment method can I use to register?
A. You can use any major debit or credit card to register.

Q. Why is there a joining fee?
A. We charge a joining fee for full TEYBOUTIQUE membership.  Not only do you get your own webstore, your business will benefit from our expert marketing, brand expertise and business coaching. The Early Years Boutique do things differently from any other marketplace that exists online. Our brand, marketing and digital marketing knowledge and experience will help you move your business to the next level, by providing mentoring help and advice. A 2nd pair of eyes may unveil many pitfalls in your brand, product / strategy that you didn't know existed.

Q. Is there a commission per sale?
A. Yes, we apply 25% commission on each sale.

Q. Are there any other fees?
A. There are no yearly Contracts / Admin Fees / Listing Fees or Annual Fees

Q. Can I cancel?
A. YES. You can cancel at any time (see seller's terms).

Q. What are 'Product Promotions' and when can I get involved?
A. Throughout the year, your business will be invited to join in on amazing product promotions with our hi profile selling partners. This is an amazing opportunity for you to sell more products and increase your brand exposure. This exciting business growth opportunities are available to you at all times.

Q. When can I receive 121 Business Coaching?
A. This exciting business growth opportunity is available to you at all times, provided you work with us in partnership and keep in contact.

Q. What are the high profile campaigns?
A. Once you have paid for your plan in full, you will have endless opportunities to sell your products in our hi profile campaigns. In the past, these have proved very successful for our sellers. Our partners include Bounty UK, BabyCenter UK, Eumom and Mummy Pages.

Q. Can I also sell on Facebook & other platforms?
A. Yes

Q. What does working in partnership mean?
A. The Early Years Boutique will market your webstore & your products.  It is also important for you to promote your shop also, avail of any opportunities that arise and keep in regular contact with The Early Years Boutique.
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Q. How will The Early Years Boutique market my products?
For businesses that would like even more of a boost plus a higher number of sales (with sellers receiving sales of up to £2000 percalendar month, this can double over the Christmas period), we offer tailored marketing & advertising (see below), at special discounted rates for our parters:
 Facebook advertising that works
 Google shopping advertising that works
 Access to our network of 100 million customers through our affiliate  network
 Prominent product positioning on our website
 Social shout outs on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram
 Blog & newsletter shout outs 
 Customer review shout outs 

Q. Will there be a 'cap' on the number of people selling similar items?
A. Eventually there would be a cap yes, at the moment, as we want to expand our range significantly to include a massive variety & choice for our customers, to allow us to become a global market leader in the baby gifts industry.

Q. Where do we put the 'A Gift from TEYBoutique' branded logo?
A. On the outer packaging.  You can either order stickers or print the logo and attach.

Q. Do the stickers need to be a certain size?
A. No, however, the customer needs to be able to read the writing on the stickers.

Q. I'm not sure if my product images are good enough, what should I do?
A. Simply send the images, along with your completed 'Tell us about you & your business' document to, where we can provide advise.