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Handmade & Bespoke Group FAQs

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Congratulations on joining our Handmade & Bespoke group. The Early Years Boutique

 As an ‘Advertiser’ you will be able to access an amazing market via the group's page.

We have intentionally wrote our T&C’s in the most simple and everyday

language to ensure your quick understanding and our commitment as a partner

in growing your business.

What we ask of you: The following guidelines will help we can help each

other grow your business and meet the highest level of customer service.   


1. Working in partnership

We are a small, independent and committed team who work hard to help

you grow your business and provide a great service. All communication

with Partners is carried out via email. We ask all of our Partners to maintain a

professional relationship in any dealings with any member of staff at

TEYBoutique.com.  Please use the sellers support page to contact HQ @ www.teyboutique.com/SS


2. TEYBoutique.com’s Advertising Fee’s

There is only one specific advertising fee at TEYBoutique.com, this is a non refundable fee of £15.  There is 0% commission on sales and you can advdrtise your business for as long as you want.


3. Cancellation

You can request to remove your business from the group at any time, by emailing us to orders@teyboutique.com 

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