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Join the Family - receive a shopping voucher & very special prize


How to join

Become part of our FIT Family Today!  All you need to do is follow us on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.


FREE Shopping voucher

To thank you for following us, we'll happily send you a FREE shopping voucher.  The more places you follow us, the better the prize voucher will be.


Send a picture of baby / child or other with their gift from The Early Years Boutique.   Sending a photo means a special prize will be personalised and shipped directly to you!


How to send us your photo

You can email us using, you can send us a private message anywhere you follow us; Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. You can tag us in your own post if you are showing others the photo of baby / child or other with their gift from The Early Years Boutqiue. 


If you are using Facebook, here is a link to our page here >

If you are using Instagram or Twitter, you can tag us using @TEYBoutique.


How to get your voucher & prize?

Follow us as outlined above and email us using  Your voucher will be emailed to you. 

Send us your photo as outlined above along with your full address & post code to receive a special prize.


Thanks for helping us grow our FIT Family.



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