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Why Sell with us & Membership Rewards

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Do you have a Unique Product to sell?

 These could be handmade products to sell, unique products to resell or personalised products to sell?

 We provide you with step-by-step guides to maximise sales

Are you interested in business growth?  Can you cope easily with 5 - 10 new orders a month to start with?
If you answered yes to any of the questions above, tell us your story here & one of our team will get back to you. 
I'm Emma Smyth, mum to Lucy (age 7) & Creative Director of The Early Years Boutique. 
Each month, 10 new Sellers are carefully selected to join our team (small businesses, crafters & creative individuals)
& become members of our wonderful niche 'baby & family' gifts Marketplace.  
We guide and support you every step of the way, from the onboarding process, getting your store set up, to making the most out of our selling platform.
By joining The Early Years Boutique Marketplace as a new seller,
you can connect to our affiliate network of 100 Million buyers & sell your products via our website,
using our clever marketing and working in partnership with engaged marketing strategies.

Membership Rewards


* Reach millions of buyers in the UK and worldwide via your own webstore
* Quick store set up
* Free Facebook advertising
* Free Google advertising
* Complimentary social marketing
* Ongoing support
* Expert advice
* Increased sales
* Product promotion opportunities
*Tailored business support



Supporting your business

We help & support all your business needs. 

From setting up your store to getting your 1st sale,

to working towards your weekly or monthly sales goals,

by providing excellent communication,

free marketing & advertising and expert business coaching advice. 

It's very much a partnership where sellers will invest in,
Engaged Marketing - which is free of course! 


To maximise the success of your business, we encourage you to provide us with 

marketing content, ideas and contribution to our blog, testimonials and

customer reviews. We are always on hand with marketing expertise to 

ensure you product sales, this includes:

* Emailing us offers and discounts for your products

* Emailing us blog articles that we can send to our large database of 


* Emailing us customer pictures or testimonials from sales

* New products or new photography

* In order to increase exposure of your products it is also advisable to add a link to your website or

socials accounts back to your webstore on our site.



 FAQs | Terms | Apply to sell  | Membership rewards



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